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A vision was shown of a way to assist in bringing

Peace to the World.

There is an ancient saying “As within so with out”.


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Café of Life - Exceptional Chiropractors from around the globe
AdJust World - Chiropractic Mission Trips

Biogeometric Integration Seminars


All Points Fitness- personal training

Vaccine Information – Please educate your self. It is your choice.
Pediatric Information – Explaining Chiropractic care for children
Birthing the Future – Information on Natural Birthing
Mothering Magazine – The magazine of natural family Living



The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination I$ Not Immunization Dr. Tim O Shea

information about individual vaccines from Think Twice

Dispelling Vaccination Myths-

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.

How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

Personal Growth

Innersea Yoga - Yoga a way of rediscovering 

Bruce Lipton, PhD: The Biology of Belief---Learn about Dr. Lipton's research and concepts of "New Biology", "... show that genes and DNA do not control our biology

Chiropractic Colleges
Life University - Located in Marietta, Georgia
Life West Chiropractic College - Located in Hayward, California
Sherman Straight College of Chiropractic
- Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina

New Zealand College of Chiropractic-located in Auckland, New Zealand


suggested reading list:

Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton, PhD

Healing Myths, Healing Magic Donald Epstein, DC

The Holographic Universe Michael Talbot

The Molecules of Emotion Candice Pert, PhD